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배터리데이 유럽 2024 컨퍼런스

  • 명 칭 배터리데이 유럽 2024 컨퍼런스
  • 기 간 2024년 6월 19일(수)
  • 장 소 ICM Room 4
  • 내 용 최신 글로벌 배터리 산업의 트렌드 및 기술 공유

2024 Program

시간 주제 연사
9:00~10:00 Registration and Reception
10:00~10:20 Welcoming Speeches Organizers
10:20~10:40 Battery Business Strategy of Samsung Dr. Michael Bramberger
Director Marketing and Product Management Europe
Samsung SDI
10:40~11:00 Electrolyte Motion Induced Salt Inhomogeneity in Large-Format Lithium-Ion Cells Dr. Johannes Wandt
Battery specialist and associate prof.
BMW Group UiA
11:00~11:20 LG Energy Solution's Advanced Battery Technologies Dr. Je Young Kim
CTO, Senior Vice President
LG Energy Solution
11:20~11:40 The energy transition: Batteries included Mr. Tom Einar Jensen
Executive Chairperson and Co-Founder
Freyr Battery
11:40~12:00 Expanding Battery Production:European Gigafactory Learnings Dr. Simon Engelke
Founder and Chair
Battery Associates
12:00~ 13:40 Lunch & Networking
13:40~ 14:00 Transitional low or trend reversal –
can battery technology improvements re-accelerate BEV sales growth in Europe?
Mr. Kilian Sagner
Senior Consultant
FEV consulting
14:00~ 14:20 Henkel digital solutions for battery design innovation Dr. Keonwoo Lee
AMC / PD Battery Solutions
14:20~14:40 The EV battery technology roadmaps: The influence of current and emerging technology Ms. Varnika Agarwal
Battery Research Analyst
Rho Motion
14:40~15:00 Transformation of a TIER 1 - Roof & Electrification (Battery Systems) Dr. Johann Schwenk
Governmental Affairs & Funding
15:00~15:20 Characteristics and logistics plan of secondary battery logistics:
Focusing on secondary battery raw materials and recycling
Ms. Sunghee Chung
Team Leader Oversaeas Branch Management Team
Taewoong Logistics
15:20~16:00 Coffee Break & Networking
16:00~16:20 Battery materials and recycling business in Europe Mr. Dong Ha Lee
Senior Manager
16:20~16:40 Application needs of automation technology
for the sustainable battery life cycle and battery circular economy
Mr. Carl-Ernst Forchert/Prof. Jung-Hwa Lee
Chairman of the Board Deputy Chairman of the Board
16:40~17:00 Advanced Silicon Anode materials for batteries Mr. Myeongjin Choi
Global Sales & Marketing Manager
17:00~17:20 Let us think deep and wide how to recycle the spent lithium-ion batteries Dr. Songhak Yoon
17:20~17:40 Use EV with Confidence by remanufactured battery Mr. Sanguk Lee
CSO, Strategy & Planing Division
17:40~20:00 Business networking

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